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Privacy Statement


Al Haddad Bosch W.L.L

Authorized Agent of Bosch in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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Data Protection

We appreciate you visiting our website and your interest in the products we offer. Protecting your personal data is very important to us. In this Privacy Policy, we explain how we collect your personal information, what we do with it, for what purposes and on what legal foundation we do so, and what rights you have on that basis. Our privacy statement on the use of our websites and the Global Data and Information Policy do not apply to your activities on the websites of social networks or other providers that can be accessed using the links on our websites. Please refer to their respective policies on data privacy and the protection of those providers.

Collecting and Processing Your Information

a. Whenever you visit our websites, we store certain information including but not limited to, about the browser and operating system you are using;

  • the date and time of your visit; the status of the interaction (e.g. whether you were able to access the website or received an error message);
  • the usage of features on the website;
  • any search phrases you entered;
  • how often you visit individual websites;
  • the names of the files you access.
  • the amount of data transferred;
  • the Web page from which you accessed our website; and the Web page you visited after visiting our website, whether by clicking links on our websites or entering a domain directly into the input field of the same tab (or window) of the browser in which you have our websites open.

b. We will store and process your personal information only if you share that information with us. You can provide your consent through the Declaration of Consent (DoC) presented to you at various avenues e.g. visiting our website, visiting a dealership, at events, etc. and/or for instance, by filling out a registration form, contact form, survey, contest entry or to execute a contract. In such cases as well, we will store and process only the data we are allowed to keep based on consent given by you or in accordance with applicable legal regulations (more information on this can be found in the section titled "Legal Foundation for Processing" clause 8).

c. You are neither legally nor contractually obligated to share your personal information. However, certain features of our websites may depend on the sharing of personal information. If you do not provide your personal information in such cases, you may not be able to use those features, or they may be available with limited functionality.

Purpose of Use

a. We use the personal information collected during your visit to any of our websites to make using them as convenient as possible for you and to protect our IT systems against attacks and other unlawful activities.

b. If you share any personal information with us – for example, by filling out a registration form, contact form, survey, contest entry or to execute a contract with you or to provide you any goods or services – we may use that information for the designated purposes as stated in the Declaration of Consent (DoC), for purposes of customer management and if required, for purposes of processing or billing or managing business transactions within the required scope in each instance (hereinafter collectively referred to as ‘Purpose’).

Transfer of Personal Information to Third Parties; Social Plugins

a. We may transfer the personal information shared with us on our website or otherwise with third parties including but not limited to the Authorised Dealers, Group Companies, our Service Providers, to fulfill the Purpose. They may further transfer your personal information to other third parties in pursuance of any contract to fulfill the Purpose.

b. Our websites may also contain third-party offers. If you click on any such offers, we will transfer the necessary data required to the appropriate provider (e.g. the fact that you found the offer in question on our website and, if applicable, additional information that you have already provided for this purpose on our websites).

c. On our websites, whenever there is a use of so-called "social plugins" from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, we incorporate them in the manner described below.

When you visit our websites, social media plugins are deactivated. That means no information, whatsoever, is transferred to the operators of those networks. If you wish to use one of the networks, click on the appropriate plugin in order to be connected directly to that network's server.

If you have a user account with that network and are logged in at the moment you activate the plugin, the network will be able to detect your visit to our websites and assign it to your user account. If you wish to prevent that, please log off from the network before activating the social plugin. A social network will not be able to detect that you have visited other websites unless you have activated its social plugin on those sites as well.

When you activate a social plugin, the network transfers the content thus made available directly to your browser, which incorporates it into our websites. In that situation, data transfers initiated and controlled by the respective social network may also take place. Your connection to a social network, the data transfers that take place between the network and your system, and your interactions on that platform are governed exclusively by the respective network's data privacy and protection policy.

The social plugin will remain active until you deactivate it or delete your cookies.

Cookie Policy

Whenever you click on a link of third party or activate a social plugin, your personal information may be transferred to third parties in or outside Bahrain. Please keep these circumstances in mind before you click on a link or activate a social plugin, thereby causing your data to be transferred.

Analysis of User Data and Use of Analytics Tools

a. We want the content of our websites to match your preferences as closely as possible, thereby improving what we offer to you. To identify especially popular areas of our websites, we use the following analytics tools: Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics 360

b. If you do not wish us to use the above named analytics tools to collect and analyze information about your visit to our websites, you may permanently object to the practice (opt-out) at any time.

c. Below you will find information about the providers of the analytics tools and the respective opt-out procedures:

  • Google Analytics 360 from Google Inc. ("Google"): Google Analytics 360 is ISO 27001 certified.
  • Adobe Analytics from Adobe Systems Inc. ("Adobe")

Usage-based information (targeting and retargeting)

We use so-called targeting and retargeting technologies in order to tailor our online marketing (e.g. banner ads) more specifically to your needs and interests. This involves using cookies to store information about your interest in our products and services. When you visit either our websites (targeting) or other websites (retargeting) that work together with our retargeting partners, those cookies are read and used to provide you with information that is customized and most closely related to your interests. A so-called cookie-ID pseudonym is stored in the cookies. That means you cannot be easily identified through the process. During the retargeting process, we may also collect information about your interest in the products and services of our retargeting partners.

When these targeting and retargeting tools are used, some data may be transferred to servers located outside Bahrain and processed there. Please read the information concerning that in Section 5b of this Privacy Statement.

If you do not wish us (and our targeting/retargeting partners) to process information about your visit or to tailor banner advertisements to your interests, you may permanently object to the practice (opt-out) at any time.


We take technical and organizational security measures in order to protect your information managed by us from being tampered with, lost, destroyed, or accessed by unauthorized individuals. We are continuously improving our security measures in line with technological advancements.

Legal Foundations for Processing

a. If you have given us your consent to process your personal information, then that is the legal foundation for processing your information.

b. If processing your personal information is required to fulfill any of our legal obligations (e.g. data retention), we will be authorized to do so.

c. Furthermore, we may process personal information for the purposes of protecting our legitimate interests. Examples of such interests include maintaining the functionality of our IT systems, marketing our products and services and those of third parties (partially by means of tracking, targeting, and retargeting, see Sections 5 and 6 of this Statement) and the legally required documentation of business contacts. As part of the consideration of interests required in each case, we take into account various aspects, in particular the type of personal information, the purpose of processing, the circumstances of processing, and your interest in the confidentiality of your personal information. Please note, the purpose of processing your personal information is mentioned in the Declaration of Consent accepted by you at various instances.

Revocation of Consent and Update of Personal Information

If you have consented to the storage and processing of your personal information; you may revoke your consent at any time, subject to applicable laws which may require us to store your information under certain circumstances e.g. for providing important regulatory, product updates about our products to you as a customer, and change or updates in your Personal Information by writing to or
calling our Customer Connect Phone number: +973 1778 3888, Authorized Agent of Bestune in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


You may unsubscribe from our emailers option available at any time by using the option to unsubscribe contained in the auto mailers.

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